People, seeing a bodybuilder, trying Anavar to belittle his dignity. After all, a man with bulging muscles always looks better than a 60-pound mattress. Hence came the myth that all bodybuilders are sick people, they die in 40 years, and in the fight bodybuilder can knock out any fighter. It's all myths created by people who feel next to nothing objectively stronger man, but let's try to consider this subject seriously and with an open mind. Are there any advantages of bodybuilders over ordinary people when it comes to fighting?

Main advantage of a bodybuilder is the weight. I think you will not argue with the fact that boxer weighing 110 pounds beat boxer who weighs 70 pounds. It is an objective reality and it is inescapable. If you weigh 70 kg and want to feel what he feels 120-pound bodybuilder, when you whip Anavar him, then ask him to hit his 7-year-old boy. The difference is so palpable that your attempt to block the kick, 120-pound athlete will lead to severe injury or fracture. Weight in a fight is of great importance. Don't need to neglect.

Bodybuilder has a disadvantage, which is that the duration of the fight should be kept to two minutes. The fact is that bodybuilders sharpened by a certain time of the load. Usually this load to last up to 40 seconds. Because of this specialization, the load that lasts more than a minute, may itself be cut bodybuilder. That is, if you weigh 70 kilograms, and against you is a 120-pound bodybuilder, your job is to harrass him. Run, jump, Dodge, but don't skip any beats, because the 120-pound blow will knock you out of your mind. If you can exhaust the opponent 1.5–2 minutes, then you have a chance not only to get to the hospital, but also to win.

Bodybuilder has an absolute advantage if we're talking about a street fight. No karate with 2-3 years of experience to defeat it can not, because the difference Anavar in weight is too great. However, bodybuilders for their muscle mass pay stamina, so if you can wear down, then you have a chance of winning.

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